The Importance of Photography

Professional (or at least high quality) photos make a HUGE difference to any post, even outside of platforms like Pinterest and Instagram where beautiful are the norm.

Nobody likes a shabby image, and if you are looking to get people to share and like your content (which is kind of the whole point), don’t post fuzzy, stretched or squashed photos!

I get that not everyone can afford a nice camera or a professional photographer, but my advice is beg, borrow, barter or steal…(well, don’t actually steal…)! Ask a friend, colleague or customer that is handy with a camera if they would consider taking some photos for you in exchange for something…your time, a free beer, sandwich, home-cooked meal, or whatever you can muster!

When you look at your, e.g. Facebook, business page, it should look bright, inviting and professional…quality photos are a hugely influential factor in this.


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